We have it on good authority, from unimpeachable sources, that the Victoria Frontier Shootists, a group with the most resplendent of reputations, have committed themselves to, once again, hosting their annual HEADQUARTERS Cowboy Action Shooting match.

This will be the 28th iteration of this venerable event and is to take place August 23-25, 2019. The location will be the VFGPA Malahat Range, 700 Holker Place, Malahat, British Columbia.

Contestants from as far away as Hamburg, Germany have been regular guests at this fandango. Attendees have always been provided with the most unique stages, the rib-stickingest chuck, the warmest hospitality, and the most convivial of fellow shooters.

 Ladies and Gentlemen who attend are expected to be on their best behavior and to refrain from profane language, expectorating in the streets, gun-play away from the firing line and imbibing in spiritous libations to the detriment of public order.

The locals, a remarkably tolerant and accommodating lot, do, however, have high standards when it comes to deportment and dress; particularly at their evening meals. Diners are encouraged to wear the appropriate fashions and to comport themselves with dignity and restraint.

 If our readers are in need of more information about this event they are advised to wire Montana May at: or to visit the Victoria Frontier Shootists on the intertubes.

Interested parties may also download a copy of the 2019 HEADQUARTERS registration form by clicking here.

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